Frank Ocean speaks out after being busted for weed possession and driving offences

'Channel Orange' singer quips about run-ins with police on Twitter

Frank Ocean has taken to Twitter to comment on his recent run-in with the police for marijuana possession and driving offences.

The R&B singer was stopped on New Year’s Eve by police in Mono County, California after driving 90mph in a 60mph area and, after he was pulled over, the police smelt marijuana and searched the star’s vehicle.

They found a small bag of the drug and he was cited for possession as well as for driving on a suspended licence and for having tinted windows on his BMW. They then confiscated Ocean’s licence before he was released on the spot. Ocean’s passenger took over driving the car.


Ocean took a light-hearted attitude over the incident, though, and in a series of messages on Twitter, he quipped:

hi guys, i smoke pot. ok guys, bye… hi guys, i drive a m3. that bitch fast..ok guys, bye. 🙂

At the end of 2012, Frank Ocean posted the song he wrote for Django Unchained on his Tumblr – you can hear the track via this link.

The ‘Channel Orange’ singer’s track was axed from the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino‘s western.

The track appears alongside the words “Django was ill without it”, and he has also posted the lyrics to the song which suggest that the track may be titled ‘Wiseman’.