Is Frank Ocean about to break his ‘Blonde’-era silence?

Zane Lowe has apparently spoken to the elusive musician for Beats 1 Radio

Frank Ocean could be about to break his ‘Blonde’-era silence.

The enigmatic singer-songwriter dropped visual album ‘Endless’ and new studio set ‘Blonde’ last month (August) without doing any press. His last interview took place around three years ago, when he spoke to Oyster magazine. Earlier in the year, he had chatted with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1.

Now Lowe appears to have interviewed Ocean again for his new show on Beats 1 Radio. The Evening Standard reports that the presenter recently took a 48-hour trip to Tokyo to meet the elusive musician.


Explaining how he managed to secure the potentially exclusive interview, Lowe told the newspaper: “Frank and I have known each other for a few years. So he trusts me enough to get on FaceTime. But if [that interview] doesn’t work and it’s not coming together, there’s that moment where you have to ask yourself: ‘How badly do you want to deliver this for Frank, and for the audience? And is this going to be the best way to do both?'”

He also discussed how casually and seemingly at the last minute the interview was arranged, adding: “Deciding within a few hours to jump on a plane for Tokyo to interview Frank Ocean, and getting the go-ahead from him by text — ‘Yeah, do it, get on a plane’ — and that’s all we have: we don’t have a time, we don’t have a location and there’s a freedom in that which makes it incredibly exciting to be working in this modern framework.”