Is Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ getting a physical release?

Album was streamed as an Apple Music exclusive in August

A new report suggests that Frank Ocean is seeking a distribution deal to release his new album ‘Blonde’ physically.

Billboard reports that Ocean is “on the hunt for a distribution partner” for a physical release of ‘Blonde’, as well as for a wider digital release.

“Ocean’s camp is searching for a label or distributor that can take the album beyond its iTunes/Apple Music exclusive,” the report states.


Insiders also tell Billboard that Ocean is “more likely to land on a distribution partner that can cover both digital services and the thousands of brick and mortar music stores around the globe. The frontrunners are believed to be BMG, which also serves as Ocean’s publisher, and Kobalt.”

When approached by Billboard, BMG commented: “BMG is in discussions on a regular basis with a variety of artists, producers and management teams about working together. When we have news to share, we’ll be sure to be in touch.”

‘Blonde’, one of 2016’s most anticipated releases, was initially an Apple Music streaming exclusive when it dropped on August 20. However, it later made its way to Spotify last Friday (September 9).

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