Is Andre 3000 dissing Drake on Frank Ocean’s new album?

"I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses"

Andre 3000 appears on the new Frank Ocean album ‘Blonde’, guesting on the ‘Solo (Reprise)’ track.

Fans have been quick to react to his verse, as the Outkast member disses rappers who don’t write their own lyrics.

Last year, Meek Mill called out Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter on several of his tracks, with fans speculating whether the verse itself is aimed at Drake.


You can see a verse from Andre 3000’s guest appearance below via bet:

After 20 years in /
I’m so naive I was under the im-pression that everyone wrote they own verses /
It’s comin’ back different and yea that shyt hurts me /
I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving /
I’m stumbled and lift every word, was I working just way too hard?”

Speaking of his rift with Drake, Meek Mill said: “Last year and the position I was in, a lot of people was going with the wave that I was actually losing, but my life was good,” he said.

“The internet is kind of uncontrollable where people go with their own ways,” he added. “It’s a world of cowards where people get behind a computer and type anything.”