Frank Ocean’s brother says the musician forgot to feed him during ‘focused’ ‘Blonde’ studio sessions

Ryan Breaux also revealed Ocean worked 16 hours a day on the record

Frank Ocean‘s brother has said he’s glad ‘Blonde‘ has been released because work on the album made the musician forget some of his duties as a sibling.

The record, which was originally titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, was released yesterday (August 21), just two days after the visual album ‘Endless‘ dropped.

Ryan Breaux tweeted in the aftermath of ‘Blonde”s unveiling his relief at the album finally being out. “im glad its out tho bc when im @ the studio he gets focused and forgets to feed me and bring me home,” he wrote.

He added: “hes probably been sleeping all day that man worked crazy hours everyday on these projects its crazy.

“Mans was in the studio 16 hours a day making everything perfect”.

Breaux can be heard on the record’s ‘Futura Free’, as The Fader reports. “MY INTERVIEW IS ON THE ALBUM OHMGMDJSHCJAJDHAHHSH I WAS LIKE 11 MY VOICE WAS SO HIGH,” he tweeted after hearing it. “THIS IS WORSE THAN MY YEARBOOK PICTURE”.

He later said he would “stagedive to the drop on future free or the drop on nights before 2016 ends”.