Abbey Road engineer describes working on Frank Ocean’s new albums

Matt Mysko speaks to NME about recording 'Blonde' and 'Endless'

Abbey Road engineer Matt Mysko has spoken about his role in the recording sessions for Frank Ocean‘s ‘Blonde’ and ‘Endless’ albums.

Ocean released his long-awaited second studio album ‘Blonde’ – stylised on its cover art as ‘Blond’ – last month (August 20) after over four years since the arrival of his debut, ‘Channel Orange’. ‘Blonde’ was preceded by a visual album, ‘Endless’, which streamed on Apple Music in the days prior.

In an exclusive statement provided to NME, Mysko has discussed working with Ocean at the legendary London studio. He had previously tweeted: “Great to see this on the shelves. Big thanks to Frank for the credit mention”.


“During my time working with Frank it felt to me like we had embarked on a journey to find another world,” Mysko says. “The path he chose was anything but linear and we travelled down routes to the furthest extremities imaginable. No rules applied and dimensions were explored that ended up bearing no relation to the eventuality. Somehow, at the end of it all, it feels to me like the planet he found is much like our own, it feels familiar and is full of beauty but contains wonders never seen or experienced by anyone before.”

One of Ocean’s other collaborators, keyboardist Buddy Ross, also recently spoke about the high level of mystery surrounding the musician’s projects.

Having reportedly earned Ocean over $1 million so far, ‘Blonde’ topped the album charts in both the UK and US upon release.