Chipotle spokesperson confirms Frank Ocean did not send ‘fuck off’ cheque

The singer settles lawsuit with Mexican food chain

Frank Ocean has reportedly settled his lawsuit with Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle.

The restaurant recently sued the singer after he backed out of a reported $425,000 deal to cover ‘Pure Imagination’ for an advert (which Fiona Apple eventually sang).

In legal papers filed in Los Angeles, the restaurant chain claimed it paid the singer a $212,500 to record the song, but it was never delivered.

Ocean responded by posting a copy of the cheque with the words “Fuck Off” written on it on his Tumblr. Prior to posting the picture of the cheque, Ocean blogged a link to the Wikipedia page for defamation.

Now TMZ reports that the case has been settled out of court, with the chain confirming that the cheque they received did not contain the expletive line.