Frank Ocean disses Chris Brown on new remix?

Singer reignites feud with Brown on remix of Migos' 'Versace'

Frank Ocean has seemingly reignited his feud with Chris Brown on his remix of Migos’ track ‘Versace’.

Although Ocean has yet to release or preview his version of the single, the singer posted a screenshot of the lyrics he has written for the reworked song on his Tumblr account. Referencing the Grammy Awards earlier this year, when Brown refused to join in the standing ovation for Ocean when he triumphed to win Best Urban Contemporary Artist, he wrote: “You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/ Your music is sloppy.”

MTV also suggests that another line in the song, which reads “You had a lady then she hurt your ego/ Now you can’t forgive her” is a reference to Brown’s relationship with Rihanna, who he assaulted on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February 2009.

Ocean and Brown first clashed on Twitter two years ago but their feud turned physical earlier this year following an altercation at a recording studio in LA. According to reports, the pair got into an argument about a parking space at the studio on Sunday (January 27) and the row is said to have turned into a six-man brawl. Sheriff’s deputies were called out after witnesses claimed that Brown punched Ocean during the brief altercation.

Ocean subsequently dropped charges against Brown, although he claimed that he had been called a “faggot” during the brawl and the police report also said that the singer had alleged that Brown had threatened to shoot him during the fracas.

Yesterday (July 26), it was revealed that Ocean had been forced to pull his first ever Australian tour after just one night after tearing one of his vocal chords.