Frank Ocean cancels trip to Egypt following civil unrest

The singer says he will go to South Africa to place "flowers on a gate" for Nelson Mandela instead

Frank Ocean has cancelled a planned trip to Egypt due to the civil unrest there following the toppling of the country’s president Mohamed Morsi’s government by the military.

The singer – who is currently on tour in Europe and played two new tracks at shows in London this week (July 9, 10) – wrote on his blog that he was hoping to call into the Egyptian capital before he headed out to Australia at the end of the month. Instead, he says, he will go to South Africa to lay flowers for the country’s former president Nelson Mandela, who is critically ill battling a recurring lung infection.

“I really wanted to go to Cairo in between Europe and Australia,” he wrote. “Might let things settle some…go to South Africa instead and place some flowers on a gate for the president. For being epic and 94.”

As many as 50 protestors were killed in Egypt on Monday (July 8) after supporters of The Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Morsi, clashed with the army after staging mass protests demanding his reinstatement.