Watch Frank Ocean discuss ‘Blonde’ in rare filmed interview

The clip shows the artist talking about his acclaimed 2016 album on camera for the first time

Frank Ocean has spoken about his acclaimed 2016 album ‘Blonde’ in a rare on-camera interview.

Ocean released his long-awaited second studio album back in August, which debuted at number one in the UK, US and several other countries’ album charts. ‘Blonde’ was also included in the top 10 of last year’s NME albums of the year list.

Footage of Ocean speaking about the album has now surfaced on social media – although it appears to be leaked promotional video, as the 29-year-old has not officially commented on its release.

Frank Ocean – 'Blonde'

Various Frank Ocean fan accounts on Twitter have linked the 2:30-minute clip – which sees Ocean discussing the inspirations behind ‘Blonde’ – with other promotional material for both ‘Blonde’ and the artist’s accompanying Boys Don’t Cry magazine. The interview is the first recorded instance to emerge of Ocean talking on-camera about ‘Blonde’ since its release six months ago.

Watch Ocean discuss the “autobiographical” nature of ‘Blonde’ and more in the newly-released interview below.

Ocean is known for only rarely giving interviews, and last spoke in the format back in November in a feature with The New York Times – his first written interview in three years.

The artist told the paper that he is working on new music in an “anonymous recording studio,” while hinting that he may move away from the album format in the future.

Last week, Ocean slammed the Grammys after two members of its organising committee criticised both his 2013 performance at the ceremony and his decision not to make ‘Blonde’ available for consideration at this year’s awards.