Frank Ocean talks ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ and Odd Future in unearthed interview

The brief Twitter exchange dates back to 2011

A rare interview with Frank Ocean from 2011 has surfaced online, in which he discusses his debut mixtape ’Nostalgia, Ultra’ and his role in Odd Future.

Ocean has recently sparked speculation that he’ll return with new music this year after a prolonged absence. Posting an image on his Tumblr page last month, he said:  “IF YOU LIKED 2017, YOU’LL LOVE…2018”.

Now, a brief chat with the ever-elusive artist has been unearthed, which offers up details of the earlier days of his career.


Blogger Mustafa Abubaker managed to pin down Ocean for a conversation over Twitter DMs.

During the exchange, Ocean is asked about the lack of press and promotion for the ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ campaign, with him claiming that “nobody likes hype”. 

Well, I don’t like hype,” he said. “Yes, it was a conscious decision, couple of my close friends actually thought i was out of my mind, thought i was ‘throwing it away’.”

Ocean went on to describe his creative writing process as “part rubix-cube, part roller-coaster, part watching paint dry”. He also voiced his dislike of labelling music with genres. 

Frank Ocean


Elsewhere in the chat, Ocean discussed his role as the most commercially successful member of Odd Future.

“OF is comprised of gifted and talented american kids,” he said. “We challenge each other, they challenge me for sure. Whenever you’re in a circle that’s talented throughout, it makes less room for complacency. My purpose is to contribute to that productive environment as much as I can.”

Asked what he would be doing if he couldn’t sing, Ocean replied, “probably building buildings and ****”.

Check out the full chat here.

Meanwhile, Ocean took on the role of interviewer earlier this month – talking to the Call Me By Your Name actor Timothée Chalamet about the acclaimed film, fashion and music.