Frank Turner chats about his ‘atheist gospel song’ at Great Escape

Singer fears he's going to hell as he helps kick off Brighton festival

Frank Turner has chatted about how he recorded an “atheist gospel song” on his forthcoming album ‘England Keep My Bones’, as he helped kick off Brighton‘s Great Escape festival tonight (May 12).

Speaking to NME ahead of his performance at the multi-venue event in the city, Turner talked about how he decamped to a church in London‘s Crouch End for sessions for the bulk of his June-bound fourth album.

“The last track – ’Glory Hallelujah’ – is an atheist gospel song and the chorus involves the gospel choir singing, ‘There is no God,’ but it is still a functioning church [where it was recorded],” he explained. “I was conducting it on a chair and I thought, ‘If I’m wrong about this I’m really fucked’. There is no coming back from that kind of offence.”

The album, which is due out on June 6, features 12 tracks and has “more bells and whistles” on it and is “more expansive” than his 2009 record ’Poetry Of The Dead’, Turner claimed.

Speaking about his return to Brighton the singer/guitarist said that preperation for tonight’s show was a bit of a mad rush. “I haven’t actually played here for a long time so it’s good to be back,” he said. “I’m kind of on a bit of a mad one because I was in Dunfermline yesterday and I’m in Nottingham tomorrow (May 13) and I’ve just flown down here now. Madness.”

During his performance at the Coalition venue tonight the singer-songwriter debuted a number of tracks from his new album including ’Peggy Sang The Blues’. Also appearing at the Great Escape festival tonight are Warpaint, DJ Shadow, The Joy Formidable and Villagers.