Frank Turner on recording new album live: ‘My live shows are better than my records’

New record 'Positive Songs For Negative People' is out in August

Frank Turner has discussed working on his new album, which was recorded live in Nashville.

The singer-songwriter will release the LP, titled ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’, on August 6. It follows on from 2013’s ‘Tape Deck Heart’.

Speaking to NME in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands now, Turner explained the reasoning behind recording the album live.


“The reason a lot of bands’ debut albums are their best is because they’re essentially playing their live set in the studio and it’s been streamlined by the road,” Turner said.

“When bands come to make their sixth album they’re usually repeating themselves, unless they’re a very good band. So the onus was on me to do something more interesting.”

The singer says his record label were hesitant to agree to the plans at first: “I had quite a difficult job convincing other people that I was not talking out my arse, or that I hadn’t lost my mind.”

“Major labels panic at the idea of recording things quickly. Everyone was a bit nervous about this idea of just going in and recording it like a debut record for an indie band, because it’s quite an important record and on a major label. I was like, ‘but that’s what I want to do!'”

“There are bits on the new record where it is raggedy and out of tune and all the rest of it but that’s because it’s us playing live!”

Turner continued: “I’ve always been a more successful live artist than recording artist, but I also think our live shows are better than the records that I make and I wanted to restitute that. I think we’ve done it. Normally by this point I’d have started picking holes in a record but I’m still as in love with it as I was when we finished recording in December.”


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Frank Turner recently stated that his next album might be a drum ‘n’ bass or country record.

Turner told NME: “This record is different in terms of sound; the next album might even be a drum ‘n’ bass one, I’m not sure! However, I tried to make drum’ n’ bass music once and I was really bad at it and I haven’t practised it for a long time.

“I reserve the rights to do what I want, the record I did last year was sonically, totally remote but still within the genres I’ve touched on previously. My friend makes odd, Aphex Twin kinda stuff and I like the approach of having a songwriter and an electronic producer and trying to do a mash-up between dark country songs although I’m still very happy with this record, so we’ll see how it plays out.

“I have been listening to nothing but country music since the record was made – maybe next time we’ll write a song about farming.”