Frank Turner: ‘When I’m on stage I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be’

The singer discussed his pre-show mindset as he prepared to go on stage at Leeds Festival

Frank Turner has discussed his pre-show mindset as he prepared to perform on the Main Stage at Leeds Festival yesterday (August 24) – watch it above now.

The singer, who was playing his 1,143rd gig, did not recreate Kurt Cobain’s iconic wheelchair entrance at Bramham Park as he did at Reading Festival. Speaking to NME about his live shows, he revealed that he finds freedom when he walks on stage.

He said: “I am generally quite an unrelaxed, wound up human being but I just feel good when I go on stage. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. Walking on stage for the first time is something that I used to find a little intimidating but now I find enormously energising.”

Turner has faced criticism for his Cobain-aping entrance at Reading on Friday (August 23). The singer has hit back at detractors claims that he was being insensitive to disabled people, saying, “It was a tribute to Nirvana, lighten up.” The stunt came about after Turner’s doctor told him to cancel the weekend shows due to a back injury.

He continued: “I’m obviously not mocking the disabled. I think it’s a real stretch actually to think that’s what I’m doing. I think that you have to be somebody whose finding reasons to be angry in life and just relax or take that energy and use it to do something constructive to help the world instead of posting crappy little things.”

Meanwhile, Turner apologised to the Reading crowd on Friday for not being in the UK for a while, saying it was good to be home. He also informed them of plans for a new UK tour next year would be announced later this weekend.

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