Frank Turner auctions ‘Tape Deck Heart’ tour flag for charity

The flag was taken across the country by Turner's fans and profits will go to Shelter

Frank Turner is currently auctioning the flag that fans transported across the country during his recent tour of the UK.

The singer-songwriter asked fans to bring the flag to each show of his tour without any of his help, and the flag was bought onstage last night (April 25) at The Forum in London from the crowd, for the last show of the tour.

Speaking onstage last night – in a video which you can see below – Turner said:

“It was a fun little thing… we were gonna make a flag that had the album artwork and the tour dates on, and in the first show we’d give it out and see if it could make it to the last show without any of our help. And the idea, the point… is to prove that people who don’t know each other can come together and do something communal and something interesting and we can make friends with each other.”

The flag is currently being auctioned via eBay in order to raise money for housing and homelessness charity Shelter. Click here to view the auction, which finishes on May 3.

“People carried the flag with them and it enjoyed the sights of York Castle, Winchester Cathedral, the village where I was raised and many more,” wrote Frank Turner on the item’s listing.

“Thank you to everyone who made pass the flag a successful venture, and thank you to all who are bidding on it now,” he added.

Frank Turner released his fifth studio album ‘Tape Deck Heart’ at the start of the week (April 22).