Frank Turner clarifies ‘libertarian’ politics

Singer-songwriter had attracted criticism after attacking the left in past interviews

Frank Turner has responded to criticism of his politics, after a piece was posted on The Guardian website titled: “Frank Turner: turns out he was rightwing all along. We just never noticed.”

A Labour MP then called the folk singer songwriter a ‘twerp’. Turner took to his blog after a barrage of tweets, including from Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, who linked to old interview quotes from him on Twitter and said: “So Frank Turner says that he’s right wing, the BNP are hard left and socialism is “retarded”. Twerp.”

Taking to his blog, Turner wrote that he was a libertarian, adding: “…here’s some things I’m not: ‘Tory’, ‘conservative’, or ‘Republican’. If you don’t know the difference between these and libertarians, I suggest reading up a little before slagging me off. I don’t consider myself ‘right wing’ either. I’m just not a leftist.”


He added that he doesn’t want his music to be political, but that he also hasn’t kept his own politics a secret, saying: “A lot of the fuss here to me seems to be because some people have had an idea of what they want me to be, and have discovered I’m not that. Sorry, I guess, although I’d say that it’s be much worse for me to pretend otherwise to please them, or sell records, or whatever.”

Turner, who is about to start recording the follow-up to ‘England Keep My Bones’ in Los Angeles, said that lots of his friends disagree with him on the matter of politics. “Most of my friends disagree with me, not least Billy Bragg and Chris T-T. But, being adults, we understand that intelligent people can disagree about stuff.”

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