Frank Turner plays acoustic tracks during Billy Bragg Q&A at Glastonbury

The two singer-songwriters appeared on Saturday afternoon in The Leftfield

Frank Turner made his third appearance at Glastonbury Festival this weekend, following a set at Strummerville last night (June 26) and an appearance on the Other Stage this morning (June 27) with a special appearance in The Leftfield with Billy Bragg.

Turner played acoustic versions of ‘Worse Things
Happen At Sea’, from his 2007 debut album ‘Sleep Is For The Week’, as
well as ‘Glorious You’ from his forthcoming sixth LP ‘Positive Songs
For Negative People’ and ‘Balthazar, Impresario’ from 2011’s ‘England Keep My Bones’.

Turner sat down and discussed his recent book ‘The Road Beneath My
Feet’, a collection of his tour diaries, with Bragg. He went on
discuss being a roadie for his friends in the band Reuben
before covering the Surrey rock act’s song ‘Freddy Krueger’ after
shouts from the crowd. “I’ve only done this round a campfire,” he said
before playing the track, adding: “It’s going to go terribly wrong.”
After finishing the track, hitch-free, he grinned: “I’ve never done
that before.”


The singer also spoke about the first time he played Glastonbury, and
said he had to smuggle himself into the festival in the back of his
own van, as the festival hadn’t given him and his van enough tickets.
“There may or may not have been someone in the back of the van on the way here,” added Turner, with a wink.

Turner went on to discuss his side project, hardcore band Mongol Horde, confirming that they would be making more music. “We’ve started kicking song titles around,” he commented.

He later performed ‘I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous’, after answering a fan in the crowd, who asked which of his own songs was his favourite.