Frank Turner at Reading Festival: ‘I’m starting a new hardcore band’

Singer also speaks about the negative fan reaction to November UK tour

Frank Turner has talked to NME about how he is putting together a new hardcore band, which will make its debut in 2012.

The singer, who was formerly the frontman in hardcore punks Million Dead, was speaking backstage at Reading Festival today (August 28), where he played a Main Stage slot. He said he has a “concrete plan” for the new project and he wants to “play heavy music again”.

Turner, who is also set to perform an unannounced slot at the festival’s Lock Up Stage this evening, replied to a question about whether he missed fronting a hardcore band by saying:

I have a concrete plan when I get some time off next year to do a hardcore band again, I’m talking to some people about it, it’s coming together. It’ll be a side project, because I’m doing what I want to do now, but I grew up playing heavy music and I want to play it again. Expect that some time next year.


Turner also spoke about fans’ negative reaction to his recent tour announcement, which will see him performing in the biggest UK venues he will have played yet in November. He said:

I see where people are coming from when they complain about the venues I’m in, but it’s not like I don’t play smaller shows and also, I probably won’t be able to play venues like the ones I’m playing in November forever. If I’m blessed enough to keep going as a touring musician, the venues will probably get smaller. If I get offered these gigs, I’m going to take them.

The singer went on to praise the organisers of Reading Festival for the support they’ve given him over the years. He said:

It seems to be a thing they do most years, someone does a secret show in the Lock Up Tent, and this year they asked me. I think the Reading organisers get a lot of shit, but they’re good people and they’ve been incredibly good to me. Also, as much as playing the Main Stage was ticking off a life goal, I grew up with punk rock and playing in small, sweaty enclosures is what I do.

He also said he was unlikely to play at the festival next year as he believed he and the punters were due a year off from each other. He added:

We’ve played here for the last five years, so I probably won’t be here next year. I’ll give the punters a year off. I don’t want it to feel like overkill.

Frank Turner tours the UK in November.

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