Frank Turner takes aim at Trump in ‘Make America Great Again’ video

Turner wants to make "racists ashamed again"

Frank Turner has shared a video for his new song ‘Make America Great Again’.

Turner’s new album ‘Be More Kind’ will be released on May 4. It’s his seventh studio album and follows on from 2015’s ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’.

‘Make America Great Again’ has been described as a “riposte to the invective of Trump” and sees Turner offer some tips on how the President could improve the US: by “making racists ashamed again” and making “compassion in fashion again”.

The clip documents Turner asking Austin, Texas natives what they think is the greatest thing about their country.

Watch the clip in full below.

“This is obviously one of the more provocatively-titled songs I’ve released in recent years, but in a way, I’m not kidding,” Turner has said of ‘Make America Great Again’.

He added: “America is bloody great, one of my favourite countries in the world. Much like back at home, they’ve had a politically fraught time of late, and I wanted to say something about it. And for the video, I thought I’d make some new friends (in Texas!) to help out with the suggestions.”

Turner spoke to NME last year and described his record as something of a “liberal album”, adding that it is “an album that addresses the world as it is, much more so than the last few records I’ve made, but it’s not a Billy Bragg record, it’s not a Rage Against The Machine record.”