Timothy Mark Brownfield is arrested by FBI agents after allegedly mailing a "threatening communication" to Moon Unit Zappa...

A man arrested on Friday on charges of allegedly making death threats to FRANK ZAPPA’s daughter MOON UNIT is to appear in Court again today (December 11).

According to reports the LA Times, Timothy Mark Brownfield, 40, was arrested by FBI agents last Thursday (December 7). He was held without bail to appear on arraignment today, charged with allegedly mailing a threatening communication.

He is alleged to have sent a package of documents to the FBI’s office in Santa Ana, California in which he threatened to kill Zappa, claiming that he was angry with her and her late father Frank, prolific art-rock composer and driving force of the Mothers Of Invention, for allegedly stealing the lyrics to their 1982 hit US single ‘Valley Girl’ from him. The song, which featured then-14 year old Moon Unit on vocals, parodied the language of teeny San Fernando Valley girls.

According to the LA Times, if convicted, the 40-year-old could face up to five years in prison.