Frank Zappa festival sued by Zappa’s widow

Event set up in honour of the rock legend could be in trouble

A German music festival is being sued by Frank Zappa‘s widow for £200,000.

Gail Zappa believes the Zappanale Festival should pay her the money for the right to use her late husband’s name, reports music newsletter CMU.

She is also demanding to have a say on which Zappa tribute acts get to play the event, and that the festival logo of Frank Zappa‘s trademark moustache and goatee be changed and that a statue of him be taken down.


Festival promoters insist however they took out a patent on the Zappanale name up to 20 years ago and organisers claim they have the right to use it.

Festival organisers also pointed out that the festival was already £120,000 in debt and did not expect to make a profit.

The dispute will be settled in a Dusseldorf court.