Frankie And The Heartstrings reveal second album plans

Band say Germany is inspiring new material at The Great Escape

Frankie And The Heartstrings have told NME that Germany has inspired material for their next album.

The band, who debuted new song ‘Berlin Calls’ at The Great Escape in Brighton last night (May 14), said their experiences on the road have given them plenty of ideas for the follow-up to their 2011 debut ‘Hunger’.

“We’re just hammering out ideas at the minute so we’re a long way off making a second album,” said frontman Frankie Francis, ahead of their performance at Hectors House.

“But the places we’re going are definitely inspiring us a lot. Berlin and Hamburg are two places that come to mind because when we went over there it was really cold and there was this really strange atmosphere which was quite haunting but at the same time it was really great to be there.

He added: “They’re really into indie music and good guitar music over there too which is great.”

The band made their return to The Great Escape later a year after they made their debut with Warpaint, Best Coast and Egyptian Hip Hop.

“We played at the end of the pier last year with those three bands and it’s great now because all those band have gone on to do well,” he said.

“City festivals are cool too because there’s always a chance you’ll stumble into a pub and fall in love with your new favourite band,” Francis added.

Frankie And The Heartstrings played:

‘That Postcard’
‘Want You Back’
‘It’s Obvious’
‘Berlin Calls’
‘Young Again’
‘Don’t Look Surprised’