Franz Ferdinand admit sessions with Girls Aloud producer weren’t fruitful

Band don't 'give a shit' if new tracks don't fit arenas

Franz Ferdinand have revealed that the sessions with Girls Aloud and Sugababes producer Brian Higgins from pop production powerhouse Xenomania didn’t go that well.

As previously reported, the Scots band hired Higgins as they didn’t want a repeat of their last two albums.

However guitarist Nick McCarthy has explained why the group did not go pop and instead worked with Dan Carey on the soon-to-be released ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ .

“It never really took off to be honest – we only went down there and recorded one song in the end,” he said. “We thought it’d be great to collaborate with a total ‘pop’ producer but we realised pretty quickly that it’s not our world; we’re not really a ‘pop’ band. But we took some great things away from it, I really enjoyed working with Brian [Higgins], he’s an amazing guy.”

He added that the way they ended up making the new record was completely different to anything they would have done with Higgins.

Speaking to

McCarthy said of the final album sessions: “That process was quite intense, but also quite playful; we had a lot of time to experiment, whereas it would have been a very strict time schedule [with Xenomania].”

He concluded: “I don’t really give a shit [if the new tracks sound good in arenas], it should just be good music, not written especially for big places. I think that’s a terrible idea.”

Franz Ferdinand‘s new album, the follow-up to 2005’s ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’, will be released on January 26.

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