Franz Ferdinand now reveal tracklisting for third album

Alex Kapranos announces 12 songs for 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand'

Franz Ferdinand have revealed the tracklisting for their third album to NME.COM.

Having confirmed earlier that the album, called ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, is set for release on January 26, the band have now revealed the following 12 tracks will feature on the Dan Carey-produced album:


‘Turn It On’

‘Kiss Me’

‘Twilight Omens’

‘Send Him Away’

‘Live Alone’

‘Bite Hard’

‘What She Came For’

‘Can’t Stop Feeling’

‘Lucid Dreams’

‘Dream Again’

‘Katherine Kiss Me’

‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ is music of the night: to fling yourself around your room to as you psyche yourself for a night of hedonism, for the dance-floor, flirtation, for your desolate heart-stop, for losing it and loving losing it, for the chemical surge in your bloodstream,” explained frontman Alex Kapranos of the album’s feel.

“It’s for that lonely hour gently rocking yourself waiting for dawn and it all to be even again.”

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