Franz Ferdinand album release date announced

'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' is out in January

The third album from Franz Ferdinand is set to be released in late January.

‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’ will come out January 26 in the UK and January 27 in the US, and includes six tracks previewed during their intimate show at Music Hall Of Williamsburg last week (October 8).

The full title of the record was inspired by frontman Alex Kapranos imagining the band’s name on a marquee.


“I can picture a marquee outside a theatre saying ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, there’s a sense of anticipation,” he told NME.COM. “It’s music for the dancefloor, (or) your bedroom as you psyche yourself up to go out, (or) a stranger’s bedsit coming down an hour before dawn.”

The band have since revealed ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”s tracklist to NME.COM.

Check out the NME Office Blog now for a first listen report of the whole of Franz Ferdinand’s third album.

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