Franz Ferdinand the musical?

Alex Kapranos wants to be next Andrew Lloyd Webber

Franz Ferdinand are considering writing their own musical.

Following the band’s contribution to the recent ’Hallam Foe’ soundtrack, frontman Alex Kapranos has revealed he is interesting in taking on a bigger project.

“After we’ve finished this album, we’re definitely going to look more at doing some other things,” he told the Daily Record. “Writing for ‘Hallam Foe’ was a lot of fun. We hear Belle & Sebastian were working on a musical film and possibly I’d like to write a musical too. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write one for the stage rather than for film.”

The singer added that in the meantime, the band were continuing work on their third album.

“We’ve been recording a couple of songs in the last two weeks. Two down, one more to go,” he said. “We’ll keep on recording until Christmas and will have the album out in the new year.”

The singer added the new record will have some interesting sounds.

“The strangest instrument we’ve been using is an old Russian synthesiser built from spare parts in the Cold War,” explained Kapranos. “This guy couldn’t get synthesisers in Russia but heard about them and decided to build one from what he heard they were like. He used whatever components he could get hold of. It sounds like a normal synthesiser, only a lot weirder.”