Franz Ferdinand star comments on Cribs collaboration

Alex Kapranos spills the beans on studio shenanigans

Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos has revealed what it was like to produce The Cribs‘ new album ’Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’.

The first single from the album, ’Men’s Needs’, is released today (May 14).

Posting on, Kapranos wrote: “I was asked by the Jarmans to produce this record, so (I) stayed with them in Wakefield, going through the songs at their rawest, until we were ready to go to Vancouver where we recorded.

“A band like this is fun to produce because they don’t rely on tedious studio tricks to sound good – it was all about songs and performance.”

The Franz Ferdinand singer added: “We met up with Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) in NYC after Christmas for the song ’Be Safe’ and (it was) one of the most spine tingling studio moments I can remember – the band playing, Gary singing and Lee improvising, all completely live. However the highlight of the recording was back in Vancouver for Ryan‘s ‘face melting’ guitar solo which involved a litre of shit wine, a somersault and a snapped neck on his favourite guitar.”