Fans throng the streets around venue hoping to catch Brit hitmakers...

There were riotous scenes in Austin in the early hours of yesterday (March 19) to greet the arrival of SxSW’s buzz band Franz Ferdinand.

Hundreds of keen fans were turned away from one of the city’s biggest venues due to overwhelming demand to see the band.

The Glaswegians performed at the Buffalo Billiards at midnight as huge crowds congregated outside unable to get in.

Those who got there early enough – braving queues of several hours – were rewarded with one of the finest sets of the Austin music conference so far.

The band played eleven songs including ‘Take Me Out’ and new single ‘Matinee’ as fans attempted to stage dive around them. The set climaxed with the whole 1,500 capacity audience clapping along to ‘Darts Of Pleasure’.

“People here definitely seem to be picking up on the Franz Ferdinand fervour,” frontman Alex Kapranos told NME.COM. “The response we’re getting is incredibly positive so we’re very happy.”

Although the band claimed not to be nervous about the show, their trip to Texas had not been without trauma.

“Nick and I got into Austin at half five yesterday but unfortunately Bob and Paul got stuck in El Paso – there was a problem with the airline and we abandoned them at the airport,” said Kapranos. “It was terrible because Nick and I had to go out and drink lots of margaritas while we waited for them to turn up!”