Find out what Alex Kapranos got up to before he became a proper pop star...

The early music career of Franz Ferdinand singer ALEX KAPRANOS is set to be revealed with the re-release of THE KARELIA’s ‘DIVORCE AT HIGH NOON’.

The 1997 album will come out on August 30 through Roadrunner Records and shows Kapranos’ first stab at fame before he found success with Franz Ferdinand.

Taking their name from a Greek brand of cigarettes smoked by drummer Tassos Bombos, The Karelia enlisted The Monochrome Set’s Bid’s to produce the album.

At the time, Kapranos was going by the name Alex Huntley and was joined by Bombos, bassist Glen Thomson and Allan Wylie on trumpet.

The new version of ‘Divorce At High Noon’ will also feature two bonus tracks.

As previously reported on NME.COM, [/a] are to release their next single ‘Michael’ on August 16.

The single will come out on two CDs and 7″ vinyl, and is to include ‘Missing You’, a track recorded in Germany in May of this year, live favourite ‘Love And Destroy’ and ‘Don’t Start’, recorded during the band’s album sessions in Malmo with Tor Johannsen.

The single will also feature a new version of ‘Tell Her Tonight’, on which drummer Paul Thomson sings vocals in German.

[a] will play at T In The Park this weekend (July 11) and are set to appear at the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals on August 28 and 29 respectively.