The boys reveal that their eagerly awaited follow-up to their eponymous debut will be "less cold"…

Franz Ferdinand new album will be “less precise and less cold” than their self-titled debut and it will be produced by the band themselves.

The group have four new songs ready for the album – ‘This Boy’, ‘Your Diary’, ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ and ‘I Am The Villain’ – with a few others close to completion.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, frontman Alex Kapranos said the band had already settled on a title, cover art and sound. The band will record from the end of January until the start of April.

“We know what the title is going to be but we can’t say at the moment,” he said. “We have actually got a prototype cover together. Part of the idea behind the way the last record looked was when you saw those three colours together you associated it with the band and particularly that set of songs – so we have another three colours we are going to use for the next one. Like in fashion when you identify a new season with the colour, we thought for a new set, a new album, we would have a different colour-scheme and a different texture as well.

“The last record cover was really glossy, so this one is going to be really matt, less precise, and reflect the nature of the music. I think its going to be as bold but a lot less cold than the first album, in terms of sound – like a stencil, when you move it slightly and stencil again.

“You want to bring all the elements together. You want how it looks to represent how it sounds. You want that to tie in with the lyrics. You want to keep it exciting.”