Franz Ferdinand plan rare release

Rare track will be given out to a select few

Franz Ferdinand have revealed that they will be giving away their next single for free.

‘Swallow Smile’ was recorded while the band were in Australia. An old song, the band played it during their early shows but have never taken it into the studio.

According to The Independent, the track will be the first single to be given away to members of Franz Ferdinand’s soon to be launched fanclub, which was created by the founder of the group’s first fan website.

“He was talking about an old-school fanclub rather than an internet one,” said singer Alex Kapranos. “We liked that idea.”

Despite their relentless touring and recording schedule, Franz Ferdinand have explained that they are still loving every minute of being in the band.

Kapranos said: “I love playing in a band. Getting to go into the studio the other day felt like a real treat. Maybe it’s just something instilled in my psyche from all those years when you’d have to save up, working eight months at a crappy job to afford two days in a crappy studio up the road in Glasgow. I still feel a buzz when I get to record something.”

The frontman revealed that he been talking on the matter with another fellow high-profile musician.

“You know Jack White‘s spending every available moment thinking about and doing his music,” he explained. “If you really love something, you immerse yourself in it. It’s not a chore. It’s the thing that is your life.”

Franz Ferdinand released the double A-side single ‘The Fallen’/’L Wells’ today (March 27).