Franz Ferdinand play special New York gig

On Alex Kapranos’ birthday

Franz Ferdinand lit up New York last night with an intimate gig as they celebrated singer Alex Kapranos’ birthday (March 20).

Launching TV network Fuse‘s new marquee space in the city, the band stood on a platform above commuters and cheerfully smashed a bottle of Scotch against the station’s sign before switching on its lights.

The group then headed inside the building to play an up-close set in front of around 200 fans.


A crowd also assembled outside the venue to peer in through the studio’s street-level windows.

Kapranos was greeted onstage to the crowd chanting ‘Happy Birthday’ before he led Franz Ferdinand into a fiery six-song set which included ‘Do You Want To’, ‘The Fallen’, ‘This Fire’ and ‘Outsiders’.

Guitarist Nick McCarthy explained that the band are currently working on a new record, and also expressed excitement about the new track ‘L Wells’ which will feature on the double A-side single with ‘The Fallen’ – out on April 3.

Drummer Paul Thomson added that the band have written another track which “sounds like Sly Stone”.

“We got some horn players on it from South America,” said McCarthy. “We have never had anyone else playing on our tracks. They were great. We might be using it for a film. It’s just really different from what we’ve done up until now.”