Alex Kapranos will also open Edinburgh's Music And Therapy Centre...

ALEX KAPRANOS will help launch a centre for music therapy in EDINBURGH.

The Franz Ferdinand singer will use his prestigious slot at the Edinburgh Lectures on February 12 to raise the profile of the new Institute For Music In Human and Social Development.

According to the Guardian, the centre will be the first of its kind in the world and bring together researchers from the worlds of music, psychology, medicine, physics and informatics.

‘Music therapy’ uses music as an alternative remedy in everything from medical pain relief to counselling. The new centre will build on the domestic work of Community Music In Scotland, as well as therapeutic intervention in situations of conflict in areas like the Balkans and the Middle East.

Kapranos’ lecture is part of a series based on the theme of ‘Scotland Now’, with speakers from speakers from the worlds of art, commerce and the media.

Previous speakers at the Edinburgh Lectures include Mikhial Gorbachev, Stephen Hawking and Seamus Heaney.