And NME.COM are along for the ride...

[/a] played to a dance-crazed crowd last night on the first night of their American tour at the ROSELAND BALLROOM in NEW YORK.

The venue holds over 3,500 people and is by far the largest the band has played in the city since beginning their climb to the top of the American charts on the strength of relentless radio play and MTV rotation of their US hit single ‘Take Me Out’.

Roseland was packed and the band seemed to approve of the reception they received.


Singer Alex Kapranos returned the crowd’s complements by exclaiming “New York City has a fine singing voice – you’re beginning to dance beautifully!”

The band played two unreleased songs, ‘Your Diary’ and ‘This Boy’, both of which went down extremely well.

After the show, [a] appeared at Rothko on the lower east side to watch the Rogers Sisters and the Futureheads (who are opening for the band on this tour) play before taking control of the decks to DJ.

NME.COM caught up with guitarist/keyboardist Nick McCarthy and asked him what he planned to play for the steamy crowd of rain-soaked hipsters that packed in to the club to hear Franz-approved tunes.

“I’m going to DJ…nothing. I haven’t got any records with me” McCarthy joked, adding “I gave them all to Paul, you know he’s a strong guy and he’s carrying all the records.”

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