Becoming global megastars hasnt stopped the band recording more new tracks…

MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE winners [a][/a] have spoken more about their second album.

As previously reported on NME.COM the group have been writing and recording new songs while on the road this year, and have been playing new songs live, including ‘Your Diary’, ‘This Boy’ and future single ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’.

Speaking in the US, singer Alex Kapranos said that other new songs are called ‘Well, That Was Easy’ and ‘Doing Fine’.

He told MTV: “Titles always come at the end. ‘Well, That Was Easy’ is called that because those are the first lines of the song. And Nick (McCarthy) came up with the name for ‘Doing Fine’ which the rest of us are going to absolutely insist he change, because I think it’s maybe the worst title for a song I’ve ever heard.”

The band are planning to work on some songs with Dan The Automator as a producer, although it is unclear on how many songs. They’ve already recorded a version of ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ with him, which is touted as a single to coincide with their October UK tour.

He continued: “We recorded a version of ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ with Dan. We were interested in seeing what his take would be. And he’s been a big influence on us, because he’s got no respect for genre. He doesn’t give a damn whether something is dance music or rock music or hip-hop. If it’s good, it’s good, and he’ll use it.”

After last night’s success at the Mercury Music Prize the band headed to the airport and are flying to New York, where they will start a North American tour.