Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos admits he ‘wanted to split the band up’

Kapranos says two years ago the band felt like 'one of those jobs... I had to jack in'

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has revealed that he “wanted to split the band up” two years ago.

Franz Ferdinand are now preparing to release their fourth album ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ on August 26, but Kapranos has admitted that he lost enthusiasm for a time following the release of the band’s third album, 2009’s ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’.

“[The fun] went out when I felt I was working to someone else’s schedule or deadline,” the singer recalled in an extensive new interview with The Observer. “I’m not naturally the kind of person who works well under those conditions. In fact, my whole adult life before that point, if I’d been in a job where I felt I was under pressure, I would usually just jack in the job. And suddenly I couldn’t do that any more. But maybe… Maybe, that’s what we did after the third record.”

Asked whether the band actually split up for a period, Kapranos replied: “I met up with Bob [Hardy, bassist] in Orkney about two years ago. I wanted to split the band up, because in my head it felt like one of those jobs… the ones I had to jack in. I didn’t like the routine and the obligations. And whether those obligations lay with my contemporaries, my peers, my record label, the fans, the audiences – or maybe myself… I felt…” Kapranos then stuttered, the writer notes, before adding: “It was time to, erm, stop that.”

Later in the interview, Kapranos explained that Franz Ferdinand have since rediscovered their old spark by returning to core values. Claiming that endless touring and record label obligations had “shaved off” the band’s trademark “quirky” and “odd” qualities, he said: “But when we came to making the new album, we decided that oddness was just us! And we should enjoy that: it should be at the heart of our existence if we want to continue.”

Franz Ferdinand will play London’s Electric Brixton on Tuesday (August 20) and Glasgow’s Queen Margaret Union on Wednesday (August 21) in the build-up to the release of ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ on August 26. They’ll then continue touring through Europe, North America, Japan and Australia this autumn.