’Nine Songs’ features oral sex and ejaculations!…

Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dandy Warhols and SUPER FURRY ANIMALS are amongst the bands who feature in a film that’s being touted as one of the most sexually explicit in the history of UK cinema.

’Nine Songs’ is directed by Michael Winterbottom, and is said to feature scenes of oral sex and ejaculation, marking a watershed in UK cinema.

The explicit scenes are cut with scenes of the bands playing live.

Winterbottom told The Guardian: “I had been thinking for a while about the fact that most cinematic love stories miss out on the physical relationship, and if it is indicated at all everyone knows it is fake.

“Books deal explicitly with sex, as they do with any other subject. Cinema has been extremely conservative and prudish. I wanted to go to the opposite extreme and show a relationship only through sex. Part of the point of making the film was to say, ‘What’s wrong with showing sex?'”

The film was recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival