And you thought they were fey, eh? They're hard as nails...

A fight between members of Franz Ferdinand and EMINEM’s bodyguard broke out before the band’s performance on a German chart show.

MTV Germany reports that frontman Alex Kapranos and guitarist Nick McCarthy were involved in the incident, and security had to intervene to stop the scene escalating into a full scale fight.

Eminem was also due to appear on RTL with his side project [/a].

According to reports Eminem’s bodyguard “snapped” at Kapranos, and tried to move the ‘Matinee’ star along.

Kapranos retorted with “Says who?”, before fighting with the well-built guard.

McCarthy then ran to help his bandmate, and reportedly struck the guard in the face.

Security then intervened to prevent the fight continuing.

“I walked past a chink in the curtain and Eminem was doing his rehearsal,” Kapranos told MTV. “This bouncer went. ‘Hey you, keep walking’, or something like that. Because of the attitude he had, I said, ‘Say’s who?’ And this 28-stone guy is like, ‘Says me’. Then it was such a like comedy moment.

“He came lumbering toward me like those old kind of wrestlers and we kind of collided and I thought I was going to go flying, but I just ended up being enveloped by all this flab. And then we just parted gently.

“Next thing, everybody round me just went nuts and I think Glen ([a] tour manager) knocked his hat off and Nick punched him in the face and then all these like security guys came and pulled him away. It was like school or something.”