Bassist Bob Hardy may be lending his vocals to their next album…

Franz Ferdinand bass player BOB HARDY is set to sing on the band’s forthcoming album.

The group will begin recording in March, and aim to release the follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut at the end of the summer.

Singer Alex Kapranos said: “We start recording in March and that shouldn’t take more than two weeks. It should be released maybe late summer or early autumn.”


The star has also revealed that one new track has been written for Hardy to sing, called ’I’ve Got Ten Pounds’.

He told The Guardian: “I used to really love it on the old Beatles records where you had a track that was like, Ringo sings! But he’s been refusing to have anything to do with this really stupid idea of mine, so it probably won’t make the record.”

“It’s exciting to be at this stage, where you’ve established a certain sound and a particular attitude, but you plan to do something a bit different and move on,” Kapranos explained. “I don’t understand why more bands don’t rise to that challenge. It’s not as if people are afraid of bands developing. I don’t imagine many Beatles fans complained because ’Revolver’ sounded different from ‘With The Beatles’.”

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