Alex Kapranos gives NME.COM the lowdown on the making of their second record…

ALEX KAPRANOS has told NME.COM Franz Ferdinand hope to release their new album in the autumn – and their new songs are “less cold” and “darker”.

The band have been in their studio in Scotland working on songs for the follow-up to their self-titled debut for most of this year. However, Alex took time out to speak to NME.COM about the band’s progress so far.

He revealed: “We have started recording. Some of the stuff we started recording we will be using but we want to record a lot more. We try and get as many ideas down in the first place. A song might have 28 parts and you keep three of them. Having that huge choice in the first place and then being ruthless about what you reject is how you make decent music.

“There are a few songs we’ve arranged that I think we have a specific arrangement for which is not going to change much. But there are a lot more written and it’s changing every day. Some new songs there are about eight different versions – a song we did last year, ‘I’m Your Villain’, is part one versions one to five then there’s part two versions one to eight. There’s all these different versions within one song, yet I know in the end we’ll probably use one and then maybe another as a B-side or something like that. But it’s nice to experiment with all these different ideas.”

Other new song titles include ’Evil Heathen’, ’Wee Andy’ and ’Your Diary’. The singer said that being off tour has led to a burst of creativity.

He continued: “It’s a lot easier when you’re hanging around together than it is doing it on the road. I can write on the road, but what’s difficult to do on the road is get some perspective and do the thing which makes songs good, which is editing them down and discarding the bits that are rubbish. We do that from the four of us just sitting around and chatting about it, seeing what we like and what we don’t like. The last few days have been very good. Nick (McCarthy) and I were just at the house ourselves writing a couple of songs a day, it was really, really good.”

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