Bob Hardy is on the mend after being hospitalised in Japan...

Franz Ferdinand’s BOB HARDY says he’s back in good health, following a hospitalisation in Japan last month.

The bassist was struck down ill with food poisoning, leaving the Scottish quartet to play acoustically at Japan’s Nagoya Diamond Hall on November 28. But speaking backstage at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles last weekend (December 11), he told NME.COM he was back to normal.

“[I’m] better, thanks,” he said. “I just ate too much sushi and didn’t eat the ginger afterwards so it didn’t kill off the bacteria. I feel alright. I haven’t [been drinking] since so I feel great.”


Franz Ferdinand, who were recently nominated for a host of Grammy Awards, are on a brief radio station festival tour of the US, where they have been receiving an increasingly warm reception.

“A lot people we talked to before we came over to the States a little over a year ago were saying its really hard for British bands, ‘You’ll have a terrible time!’ and we just kind of laughed it off,” said singer Alex Kapranos. “It’s been brilliant. This last year’s been fantastic.”

Hardy said the band have even been making inroads in the less frequented tour stops like Texas. “We went through Dallas airport two days ago and the girl who was checking passports goes, ‘Oh yeah I’ve got your CD.'”

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