They just wanna be a pop band, you know...

Franz Ferdinand have hit back at claims that the band have ‘sold out’.

The ‘Take Me Out’ stars, who released new single ‘Matinee’ this week, claim that the much of the alternative music world suffers from “artificial modesty”.

Frontman Alex Kapranos explained that the band are very ambitious. He told VH-1: “Alternative music sometimes suffers from an artificial modesty. It’s like, ‘Oh, please forgive me for my errors and my abilities, I’m really not trying that hard,’ when in reality, anybody who’s in a band is ambitious. We wanted to play pop music. It’s that simple.”

“People think because of our artist background that we’re going to be some strange, experimental band, but we’re not at all. If you look at the other bands that have come from that background, you see the same thing. Talking Heads, The Who, even The Beatles were all art school bands, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to be sitting there with some contrived situation.”

“We don’t see ourselves taking over the world or anything. I like the idea that people might see us [on TV] and say, ‘I could do something like that’. I like the ‘Sniffin’ Glue’ (fanzine) attitude, ‘Here are three chords, go and form your own band.’ It’s almost ludicrous for us to be in a domain completely taken over by manufactured pop bands and ‘Fame Academy’. I hope people will see us and go, ‘Yeah!’”

“I’d say Duran Duran and Fall were equally influential on the band,” explained Kapranos. “To me Duran Duran and Fall is pop music as much as Duran Duran is pop music. If you listened to what Duran Duran and Fall actually listened to themselves, it was all Motown and Northern Soul.

“Their leader Mark E. Smith would get the musicians in a room and say, ‘Play something that sounds like The Beatles. In their heads they’re playing something like it’s pop music. That’s the way we feel about it as well. It’s pop music.”