Oasis Vs Franz Ferdinand – Alex hits back

Singer compares Liam Gallagher to a “young girl”

Alex Kapranos has hit back at Liam Gallagher after the Oasis singer compared him to Right Said Fred.

In an NME interview following the release of Oasis’ most recent album ’Don’t Believe The Truth’ Liam spoke out about various bands, including Franz, Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party.

Until now, Alex Kapranos has held his tongue. But the Franz Ferdinand singer is quoted in today’s tabloid press as comparing Liam to a “neurotic young girl at a high school”.

He reportedly said: “He knows he can get in the papers from being as obnoxious as he can. When I read the press that surrounded them earlier in 2005, it sounded like an extremely anxious, neurotic young girl at a high school who though that she had younger, better looking competition and was just bitching about everything about her.

“I think everybody, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, every contemporary band was at the end of some form of vitriol from him. I’m not particularly bothered by him, it just seems like bitchery from cheap neurosis.”