The band reveal all about the scrap that almost split them up…

Franz Ferdinand

have given NME.COM the inside story about the fight that nearly destroyed them.

As reported at the time, the band had a furious bust-up backstage at the Paris Zenith last November after the pressures of their intensive touring schedule got too much.


Now, with relations back on track and a new album ready to go, the band have explained how it happened.

Singer Alex Kapranos remembers: “All of France’s press were there. Everyone from our label was there to give us our gold discs for record sales. I remember having this huge argument, things getting flung across the dressing room.

“I can’t remember the exact details to be honest. But there were 400 people outside listening to it. Then in the middle of it all we stepped out, were given our gold discs, gave everyone a smile and then stepped back inside to continue fighting.”

Meanwhile, Nick McCarthy revealed the true extent of the band’s breakdown: “Of course I thought about leaving the band. Absolutely. After that moment, for the next few days I was thinking, ‘Is it worth it? If we get on each other’s nerves that much…’

“But mine and Alex’s friendship was born out of a fight anyway, so it’s fine. Living together 24 hours a day for a year and a half had just got to the point where if you dropped your pencil, it was the other guy’s fault. I’m quite glad it happened. After that, it couldn’t get much worse.”

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