Alex Kapranos says he wants to record the band's second LP in their kitchen with hip-hop producer Dan The Automator…

Franz Ferdinand would like their second album to be recorded at home – and are looking for DAN THE AUTOMATOR, who worked with GORILLAZ, to twiddle the knobs.

The group have been writing new songs while touring their current debut album across the world. Singer Alex Kapranos said that while in the US they had met Dan The Automator, whose DIY ethic they liked. As a result, Kapranos has contributed vocals to a track on the new album by Dan’s hip-hop project Handsome Boy Modelling School, and he’s on the list to produce the next [/a] album.

Kapranos said: “He was working from the spare room in his house, which is the way we started off. All the early recordings we did were in the kitchen of our flat so maybe we’re going to go back in that direction.

“Sometimes you come up with the most original stuff if you’re sitting in an environment that’s most comfortable for you, rather than going into the £300,000 a day recording studio in the middle of the countryside.”

As well as hip hop projects like Dr Octagon and Del Thee Funkee Homosapien, Dan The Automator has also worked with [a], amongst many others.