Fight in France leaves those close asking, should Franz take a break from life on the road?...

Franz Ferdinand have had an explosive backstage row which ended with ALEX KAPRANOS lashing out at bandmate NICK McCARTHY, NME.COM can reveal.

The group are still on the road and earlier this month played a gig in Paris at the Zenith Club (November 4). Sources close to the band have told NME that straight after the gig Franz Ferdinand had to meet representatives of their French record label, who presented them with a disc recognising their success in the country.

After almost a year of solid touring and having just come offstage, tension between the group was high. As soon as the presentation was over the band got into such a big argument it’s claimed that singer Alex attempted to punch guitarist Nick McCarthy. It’s also claimed that drummer Paul Thomson was involved in the fracas.

A band source told NME.COM: “As far as I know there was a punch thrown at Nick by Alex. There was obviously some niggle there and they’ve grinned and bared it and got the discs, and then the tension was still there. I think a few things flew about! I think the actual brawl went on behind closed doors though. There was one swing and a lot of huffing and puffing, kicking things around in the dressing room.”

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM: “It’s just simply one of those things. There’s no depth to it, minor issues take on more significance when you live in each others’ pockets for a year. The tiredness from travelling doesn’t help either. Every band I’ve worked with has had something like this, it’s like family life. Bands fall out, families fall out. It’s the dynamic of being in a band.”

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