Franz Ferdinand start work on third album

Those boys just never stop

Franz Ferdinand are already working on their third album.

The band have just completed a UK tour in support of their second album ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’, which was released in October – just over a year after their eponymous debut came out – but the band are already soldiering on with new material.

“We’re already writing some new tunes,” explained frontman Alex Kapranos. “We’ve got a practice room set-up and we’re writing some new tunes. We’ve got two or three.”

He added: “Then we’ll see how many songs we’ve got together but we’re talking about going into the studio at the end of January. We’re popping over to Australia and New Zealand at the end of January as well, as you do. It’s brilliant, I’m looking forward to that. We get to miss the Scottish winter, which is not a bad thing at all.”

Speaking about the pressures of following up hit albums, Kapranos also explained his theory about avoiding failure.

“I think if you just continue songwriting, that’s when it doesn’t strike you as pressure,” he told XFM. “That’s the reason you get a band together, because you want to write tunes. You want to hang around each other’s flats and write songs, and when you don’t think about it as being a big deal, that’s when you write the best songs.”

Speaking about the band’s recent four-night London stint, Kapranos also explained how he deals with the nerves that come with playing venues the size of Alexandra Palace.

“I was a bit [nervous] when you think about it, because it is just a big hanger of a place and you really have to make a bit more of an effort and you do find yourself being a bit more expansive, thinking ‘Goddamn I’ve gotta fill this space’, but it was good,” he admitted to DJ Lauren Laverne.

“There was just this waterfall of people coming over the barriers. Yeah, very good.”