Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos: ‘Fuck David Cameron’ – what we’ve learnt on Twitter (May 7)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to look back at what our favourite musicians have been sharing on Twitter over the past seven days. This week, many have been taking to their keyboards to tell us their thoughts on the general election. Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos uses some colourful language to describe who he doesn’t like, Lily Allen posts a Twitpic of herself getting into the spirit of things and Blur‘s Dave Rowntreewho stood as a candidate in the Cities Of London And Westminster – has a sleepless night. Also, Klaxons hint that they’ll be hitting the road soon and Graham Coxon finds a spider.

Here’s some of the best Tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all

Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand: Fuck Murdoch, Fuck The Sun, Fuck Cameron. Don’t vote Tory! (Not that I suspect any of you would anyway, of course).


Dave Rowntree, Blur: Interesting times. Only had a few hours sleep, but glued to the news. Great result for Chuka Umunna , he’ll be a fine MP

Lily Allen: Come on the reds!

Noel Fielding: Dexter Dalwood my art teacher when I was at college just got nominated for The Turner Prize. I am so excited he is a legend.

Jamie Reynolds, Klaxons: Rehearsals are finished. In the words of our tour manager we’re “ready to rave”

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer: Playing soccer at Robbie Williams‘ house!

Graham Coxon: There’s a spider in the sink. It’s Fred. I haven’t seen him since I was 4. He hasn’t said a word yet…


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