Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos attacks US label after letting McDonalds use music

Singer calls Epic 'arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes'

Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Kapranos has laid into the band’s US record labels Epic and its owner Sony for allowing one of their tracks to be used on a McDonalds website.

Kapranos, who in 2006 published a book about the kind of food he encountered on tour, used his account to vent his anger at the song being used on The site has since been taken down.

“This is an example of how a band falls out with their US label. Did they think we’d approve this shit?” Kapranos Tweeted.


He continued: “Dirty bastards. Stupid arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes. I’d rather eat a cowpat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds.”

Responding to a fan who commented on the issue, Kapranos defended Franz Ferdinand‘s UK label Domino, and said that he had spoken to the label’s founder Laurence Bell about the website: “Not all labels are bastards. Domino aren’t. Just spoke to L Bell on the phone who knew nothing of it. He’s on phone to USA now…”

A series of further Tweets saw Kapranos confirm that he was more annoyed with Epic and Sony than McDonalds.

“I’m not really pissed off with McDonalds,” he wrote. “They’re just the same as any other psychopathic corporation – no more evil, no less. The psychopathic corporation I am pissed off with is Sony who owns Epic who release our records in America. But not really surprised.”

He continued: “Na, don’t really hate McDs. Don’t want to eat them either. If I hated anyone it’d be the twat at Sony, but even then…”

A short while after that message, Kapranos returned to in a slightly more upbeat mood, and joked about the incident.


“I’m just pissed off because I had a sponsorship deal with [US regional burger restaurant] White Castle on the cards which is now totally scuppered,” he suggested. “I was going to get a lifetime supply of those cute (much tastier than McD) burgers and they were going to open a Dennistoun franchise.”

Elsewhere on his Twitter account, Kapranos let slip that he and bandmate Nick McCarthy have begun writing new material together, and have “been working on new songs all week”.

Ironically, Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson kept a diary on the band’s official website of the tastiest burgers he ate while on tour in America last year. McDonalds did not feature in his list.