Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos slams Donald Trump after ‘nightmare’ election result

'Have I actually woken up? Or am I typing this as part of the nightmare? Feels horrifyingly real'

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has hit out at Donald Trump, speaking out to slam the new President Of The United States after what he called a ‘nightmare’ election result.

The ‘Take Me Out’ Mercury Prize winners were recently part of the ’30 Days 30 Songs’ project, in which their song ‘Demagogue’ was a scathing attack on Trump. A damning indictment of his policies and alleged behaviour, Franz’s lyrics harvested the feeling of manifest doom throughout many liberal US voters: “those pussy-grabbing fingers won’t let go of me now”.

Prior to the result being announced, Kapranos tweeted: “This feels like a fucked up nightmare of a Christmas Eve where you hope your present isn’t going to be Armageddon.”

Then when the news came in that Trump had defeated Clinton, he continued: “Have I actually woken up? Or am I typing this as part of the nightmare? Feels horrifyingly real. It must be a particularly nervous morning in the Baltic states and Ukraine.

“The best that we can hope for is that the worst of his promises were lies. I hope that the POTUS elect is a man of no conviction. That he played people’s prejudices and fears, but will let them down. That he is motivated purely by vanity and ego, rather than genuine hatred.”

Franz Ferdinand – Demagogue

‘Demagogue’ by Franz Ferdinand. Part of the project. Listen on Soundcloud: Listen on Spotify:

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga led a protest outside Trump Tower following the result, while Johnny Marr suggested that ‘a 12-year-old child’ would be a good alternative.

‘Demagogue’ was Franz Ferdinand’s first new material since guitarist Nick McCarthy left Franz Ferdinand earlier this year. The band are currently working on new material, following up 2013’s ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ and their 2015 collaboration with Sparks ‘FFS’.